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Q & A:

Since Helen so often receives e-mail from her readers asking questions about her writing, she's decided to post a "question and answer" type section here on her website to share with other visitors.

If you have a question you'd like to ask Helen, or a comment to make about one of her books, please visit the contact page and fill out the e-mail form posted there. While we can't promise to use all of your queries, we will try to post as many as possible!

Readers can also find Helen on Facebook, just click here!

Q: I really enjoyed Merritt in ALMOST A HOMETOWN BRIDE, and the other characters in the town of Almost. Are you considering doing additional stories set there?
Sharon C., Wichita Falls, Texas

Thanks so much, Sharon. That wasn't an immediate impulse, although I do think the new waitresses at the cafe had interesting "teaser" qualities to them. I'll see how many other readers agree with you. Readers might be interested in knowing that Sharon writes a superb online book review site called Sharon's Garden of Book Reviews. Check out her site. http://sharonsgardenofbookreviews.blogspot.com.

Q: I have read all 40 novels by Ms. Myers and am an avid fan! Whether romance or suspense, (I call them romantic suspense), from the first page until the last, I literally canít put her books down... I always look forward to the new novels from John Grisham, Nelson DeMille and Helen R. Myers. Canít wait until the latest one arrives! Sincerely, Norma L. Wilkinson

A: What a generous message, thanks so much, Norma!

Q: I keep checking...when is your next release? Margie L., AL.

A: Thanks for watching, Margie. 2005 was one of those ďheap onĒ years with critical family surgery, a few expected and unexpected passings, and a health scare for my husband. Thankfully, hopefully, weíve found ďcalm seasĒ again.

Happily, Iím proud to report I have a Silhouette Special Edition coming out in May. What Should Have Been is an amnesia story, topical as It deals with our brave military, immigration dilemmas, and small-town powerplays that complicate a romance for a second time. As usual there are elements of suspense for those diehard fans.

As for single-title suspense, I beg your patience. Something is in the works there, too, but Iím too experienced to share too much prematurely.

Q: Would you share more pictures? Dee, Dallas, TX.

A: Are you with the DPD, Dee? Seriously, Iíve respected Leslieís time too much to bother with a photo page, but Iím told Iím a dinosaur so will soon add to her workload, and you can send aspirin for her Christmas stocking...or bones to her Weimer boy, Charlie.

Q: Whatís the best lesson youíve learned in the business?

A: The same one I suspected coming into the profession: that no one understands the business coming in, and few will respect it as they leave; that the trick is to love it so much that struggling for words, seeking perfect phrasing, and sharing the story is enough.


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