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Ready or not, it’s 2017 and time to catch up on what proved a full and often emotional year. As you know if you’ve been checking in here periodically, I’ve been the lead guardian for the well-being of my parents, and had them living with me last summer as we awaited room for a seniors’ apartment to become available. Less than a year after that happened, Dad’s heart finally gave out and he passed in August. With Mom finishing her sixth year of dementia, my brothers and I agreed a nursing facility would be best for her. It’s been a struggle for a woman who remains determinedly independent; however, I see her every day to keep those fragile tethers to this world connected as much as possible.

"Helen R. Myers, in my opinion, is one of the great romance writers of our time..." -- Sharon Galligar Chance, Sharon's Garden of Book Reviews.


Writing-wise, I’m proud to say A FLOCK OF SPARROWS is out in the marketplace, available via Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and the national and international outlets our two distributors manage. This is the mainstream novel I co-authored with M. June Foster, and M. Gail Reed under the pseudonym Helen Foster Reed. We invite you to also visit www.helenfosterreed.com to enjoy our YouTube video, a synopsis of the book, and photos of our dozen-plus appearances through the year. Our book was even featured on local station KLTV during the Thanksgiving celebration of authors at Tyler Public Library, Tyler, Texas. We have also been busy presenting copies of SPARROWS to libraries in our support of literacy, and will continue to broaden our reach as time allows.

In the midst of our grand plans, June’s family had a promotion opportunity and she moved to North Carolina with them. Always making lemonade out of lemons, we agreed it was a great opportunity to get A FLOCK OF SPARROWS into more hands. However, as life pulls June in different directions, Gail and I will now be writing future books under the partnership team of Myers & Reed. Our next novel—a spirited and tasty family drama (hint-hint)—is scheduled to be out this spring! Please check back for updates.

To my fellow dog-lover friends, I continue to rescue dogs when I can. Sadly, we had to say goodbye to Pete, who was with us since he was barely weaned at about 5-6 weeks old in 2002. He was a tough, independent character with a boyish heart until the end at 14.

In October—even as I’d convinced myself that it was time to start cutting back--I rescued an emaciated red heeler pup about to get hit on a highway. Brody—not yet a year old—joins Roxie and Penny. Just last week, Brody decided he was adult enough to spend nights out of his kennel with his older sisters. He’s so proud of himself it’s difficult for him to keep all four paws on the ground. Now, if only he’d stop eating furniture!

Have a great and prosperous new year and don’t forget to visit/like our Helen Foster Reed page on Facebook. Each of us also have our individual pages, as well, although I’m usually found as Helen Myers, rather than Helen R. Myers, but that page exists, too. I came to Facebook late and didn’t think I’d keep up with it for long. I have given up on Twitter, but you can still find me on Pinterest, which I love.

Wishing you all a blessed and healthy year!



A FLOCK OF SPARROWS is about five widows, a winter storm of the century, and non-stop secrets, comedy, and drama. Naturally, since we’re all East Texans by birth, or heart, the story takes place pretty much in our backyards. Gail, June, and I are also widows, which is part of the reason we were drawn to write this kind of story. There’s no denying that it was both a painful and cathartic work; however, our intent was also to help and give hope to others who have to take this challenging journey.

Please check back frequently for news on book signings and appearances. We are also on Facebook and Twitter.

And, yes, our next project is well under way for a 2017 release!


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