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Happy 2015! I appreciate your visit to my website, and apologize for not having many updates in the last year; however, that was due to big changes in my world, and a great deal of writing. I can't go into much detail quite yet about my new venture, but let me just say that if you've been wondering why I haven't posted any news about upcoming series romance releases, it's because I had a great creative opportunity and jumped at the chance to broaden my horizons.

"Helen R. Myers, in my opinion, is one of the great romance writers of our time..." -- Sharon Galligar Chance, Sharon's Garden of Book Reviews.

Some of you may remember that I lost my husband, Robert, nine years ago this February, and then the publishing industry followed the music industry into major upheaval. I'm proud and grateful that during that period, I was able to write and publish another dozen books bringing my total to 52 titles for Mira, Silhouette and Harlequin. I believe at last count I'm published in 27 countries and 22 or 23 languages. But I also had reached my sixtieth birthday, and it was time to review things, as well as think about the future. No, I'm not talking about drafting my own bucket list; rather, I grew more interested in writers' creative rights, and professional dreams not yet reached. As a result, I realized the time had come to write what I believe in, rather than represent someone else's brand that no longer speaks to things I agree with, or can relate to.

Now here is one of those God moments--while I analyzed which direction to take, partly because the loss of my husband left me with little interest for focusing on suspense, two writer-friends approached me with a collaboration idea. I had already been asked four previous times by others, but in every case, either the individuals, or the stories weren't a good fit for me. In this case, the fifth time proved right in every aspect.

We finished our first mainstream novel in October and hope to post some news shortly. Our website is already being developed. Be assured, I'll have a link here for you to connect to it.

While I remain in East Texas with four rescued dogs, the family has changed a bit. We lost old Ben this summer. As best as we could determine, he was 17--or close to it. Pete turns 13 this month, and I fear he won't achieve Ben's longevity, but he still loves to go for rides--with the help of dog stairs to aid in climbing into the RAV4 more easily. Meg is estimated to be 7 and had some issues herself this year, which we have under control with medication. Roxie is now around 2. Finally, in November, Penny crawled to the front door the night that Arctic blast was blowing in. Hardly more than skin and bone, she had run from people who had seen her in the area and tried to offer help. Apparently, she understood that she wouldn't last another night in such dire conditions. I gave her a bowl of warm chicken soup, which I cook for all of my dogs, then brought her inside and removed no less than 90 ticks from her emaciated body. After another bowl of soup, she allowed me to bathe her, and then she set to work making friends with her new family.

We're guessing she's close to one-year old, and continues to recover beautifully. She's almost put on enough weight to deal with being spayed. She's a black-and-tan coon hound with some interesting light tan/gray coloring that sometimes gives her squirrel-like markings. She also groans a good deal in her sleep, as though she's reliving every lonely day, and terrifying night, spent on her own. We can only imagine.

As for the DIY projects I wrote about last year--I did get most of the interior of the house painted: a Tuscan shade--cantaloupe--in the kitchen; rosemary in the sunroom; Precious Stone (blue) in the main bathroom; and Sand Stone in the hall and living room. I also ripped out all of the carpeting and laid plank vinyl flooring in the shade of Rustic Teak. That did cut into my gardening quite a bit; however, it was a drier year again, so that turned out to be a smart move.

Finally, the blog I intended to start didn't happen because of the DIY work, the writing, and most important being more accessible to my parents, who are now nearly 86 and 83. However, I did improve on my social network activity.

You can continue to contact me via this website, or find me on Facebook under Helen Myers, on Pinterest, and Linkedln. As always, thanks for your interest and support, and know that I wish you and yours a blessed year!



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