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Welcome and Happy 2016!

Thank you for checking in and I hope you had a great year improved by many good reads. It was an extremely full one on this side of things. My increasingly fragile parents decided to sell their farm and succeeded faster than you can type Deed of Trust. In fact, there were no senior apartments for them to move into, so two of my brothers and I moved them in with me for the summer. By October an apartment came available in the next town, and we moved them in. The multiple moves weren’t easy for Mom, who is dealing with dementia, but she and Dad do enjoy their independence. At least they are only minutes away now, and that’s so important in emergencies, or if cabin fever strikes. What’s more my three rescued dogs love the company.


"Helen R. Myers, in my opinion, is one of the great romance writers of our time..." -- Sharon Galligar Chance, Sharon's Garden of Book Reviews.

I’m happy to say that the writing has been going well and the first book under the pseudonym, Helen Foster Reed should be available by March in both e-book form and trade paperback via most of your favorite book sources. As I mentioned last year, this is a collaboration with M. Gail Reed, and M. June Foster, and links will soon be on this site to the new website, as well as information as to purchasing A FLOCK OF SPARROWS, our first mainstream novel.

A FLOCK OF SPARROWS is about five widows, a winter storm of the century, and non-stop secrets, comedy, and drama. Naturally, since we’re all East Texans by birth, or heart, the story takes place pretty much in our backyards. Gail, June, and I are also widows, which is part of the reason we were drawn to write this kind of story. There’s no denying that it was both a painful and cathartic work; however, our intent was also to help and give hope to others who have to take this challenging journey.

Please check back frequently for news on book signings and appearances. We’ll also be on Facebook, Twitter.

And, yes, our next project is well under way for a 2017 release.

Have a safe and blessed year!



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