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Happy 2018, everyone!  I wanted to notify my friends and readers that there’s a new website I’m involved with to include my continued writing partnership with M. Gail Reed. You can find Myers & Reed at www.myersandreed.com .

Gail and I are proud to announce our second work together titled LIFE & SPICE, released under our Tributes Press imprint. LIFE & SPICE is the English version of VITA E SPEZIE, the Italian restaurant in the story. The title also refers to the joys and challenges that effect every life. Our story begins with the Great Hurricane of 1900 where we have a sailor, Nathan Burroughs, who has defied death once when his shrimper sinks in the storm. He’s the only member of the crew to survive, but having found shelter at the post office, the storm is determined to take that building—and the rest of Galveston, Texas—as well. Intending to write his beloved wife, Mia a farewell note, he finds himself addressing his letter to God, and slips it through the mail slot just as the windows shatter and the sea pours in.

Fast forward to current times and the building is now Vita e Spezie, an Italian restaurant owned by the Angeloni family. The business is in its third generation, but there may not be a fourth due to health issues, accidents, and other crises. Then a gifted pastry chef arrives seeking a job and, hours later, a son thought lost. Suddenly, the family that believes they took on a burden too great when they promised to honor the past, discovers their future is a gift from the past. And from it flows an ultimate truth…

Perhaps there are no accidents.

We hope you’ll pick up a copy on Amazon in print or e-book format. Know that our first collaboration (along with M. June Foster) writing as Helen Foster Reed continues to be available, as well. Thanks for the wonderful feedback and support so far!

You can find us on Facebook under Myers & Reed, Helen Myers, Helen R. Myers, and M. Gail Reed.

To answer another question, Tributes Press is our salute to books and writers who have inspired us. In the simplest of terms, because they inspired/inspire us, we remember them every day as we strive to improve ourselves.



LIFE & SPICE, by Myers & Reed

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5-Stars "Like a glass of fine wine..." -- Linda Broday, New York Times Bestselling Author.

5-Stars "Fast-paced and emotionally resonant." -- Laura Taylor, Editor and Award-winning Author.

5-Stars "...A delicious read...one that will linger on the taste buds." -- Sharon Galligar Chance, Entertainment Journalist, Wichita Falls Times Record, Book Reviewer and Blogger.



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